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For international visitors: due to visitor's request some of the paragraphs have been translated to english. If you find any bad or irritating phrases then please send me your correction.
Specials: Interview with Brian Eddy, January 2004, DOHO - Solving a pinball "mystery", How To Examine Or Debug A WPC ROM

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  • Purchasing from the USA or elsewhere (from Germany)
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The pinball machines beginning from the 1980s became more and more high tech devices, hence you find computer processors in them and the game logic is stored as a program in ROMs. As no perfect program exists (maybe besides "Hello World" ;) there are updates for each pinball machine in its beginning. The latest versions are normally available for download at the manufacturer's homepages. There you should also find information how to "burn" a ROM.
Tools to convert ROMs into different formats are available at Keil Software (Hex2Bin, Bin2Hex, Mot2Bin, Bin2Mot, etc.).

If you are interessted in how pinball machines are/were programmed and designed respectively, you find here an interview with Brian Eddy. Brian Eddy was a programmer at Williams for seven years and had programmed the Indiana Jones WPC ROM for example and designed Medieval Madness.
More interviews with Brian Eddy and other developers are available at the Schwedish Pinball Association.
*If you are interessted into going deeper then you should read my How To Examine Or Debug A WPC ROM.

Indiana Jones - ROMs

I couldn't find an archive of Indiana Jones ROMs anywhere, hence I started collecting several versions of the game and sound ROMs:
Game ROM U6: L-1, L-2, L-3, L-4, L-5, L-6, L-7
Sound ROM U2: L-1, L-2 (came with game ROM L-4), L-3 (came with game ROM L-6)
Sound ROM U3: L-1, L-2, L-3(!)
Sound ROM U6: L-1, L-2, L-3(!)

You have one of the missing game ROMs lying in your desk? Then read it out (maybe a friend has an EPROM device) and get in Contact with me.

Indiana Jones - Sound Map

Here is a IJ sound map and I ask for your help to complete it.
For easier testing I developed an extension for the "Sound Command Mode" of PinMAME (key F4), which allows to enter the hex digits of a sound code directly. Since version 1.51 this is already implemented in PinMAME.

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