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Magnetic Scrolls Adventures

Back in the days of the C64 and the Amiga I was a huge fan of Magnetic Scrolls Adventures. You can still play them on Windows via the Magnetic Emulator. It is available at the Magnetic Scrolls Memorial homepage, which also provides lots of information about all Magnetic Scrolls Adventures.
You can also use a C64 or an Amiga Emulator to play those versions of the games. The disk images for those are available everywhere.

Another homepage dealing about Magnetic Scrolls is Magnetic Scrolls Chronicles.

Unfortunately the PC versions are rare on the internet, as the PC was not a gaming machine back then. I tried to buy all adventures for the PC, but sometimes you get unreadable disks, etc. Hence I decided to make my PC versions of MS adventures available for download, so that others can repair their bad versions, or can play another version of the same PC adventure.

If you have another version of those adventures, then please let me know. Have a look at the fact sheet at the Magnetic Scrolls Memorial homepage to see which versions of each adventure are currently known.

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